We welcome couples of all ages and find that some of our most successful groups have been where there is a wide diversity of ages with couples in their 20-30’s, some in their 40’s and even some couples in their 60’s. Many of these couples may be on a second marriage with blended families. We love how the different life experience of these diverse couples enriches these groups. Normally, most of the couples taking our classes are in the 20-39 age bracket.

It’s always nice when people contribute to the conversation of the group. However, no one is required to speak or reveal personal information. You can share as much or as little as you want – or even say, “I’ll pass.” That’s fine with us. We strive to make everyone feel comfortable.

Each of you will receive a 60-page binder, which includes the Prepare/Enrich Couples Workbook, various assessments on conflict and communication, homework sheets, couples exercises, and other supplements. Please bring this workbook to class each week.

Pre-registration is required. We will send you a PayPal invoice for the amount of the class, plus a processing fee. You may also mail a check to us, but your registration is not confirmed until the class is paid. There is a limit of 8 couples per group.

There will be weekly homework assignments that you will complete, both individually and as a couple, which will count for 2 hours. Part of your homework is to develop a proposed budget for your first year of marriage by combining both of your incomes and categorizing all of your expenses into a monthly budget. We provide you with an excel document to use for this assignment.

The Rock Your Relationship course meets the 12-hour rule for the State of MN, which requires you to spend 12 hours in premarital preparation in order to receive a discount on your marriage license. Upon completion of the class, you will receive a notarized Reduced Fee Certificate, which you will give to your nearest county service center when you apply for your marriage license. They will apply the discount. (Note: You are required to make up any missed class times in order to receive the certificate, however if one of you is in attendance we don’t count this as an absence). Please plan your travel and work schedules around this class.

The link for the online assessment will be emailed to each person after the first class and should be completed by the next class. Please do not take the assessment together or consult on your answers. The assessment usually takes about 40-60 minutes to complete. Results will be sent to your facilitator and not to the couple. Each couple will receive one copy of the couple’s report for your records.

All of our group classes meet for 4 consecutive weeks (2 hours weekly), which gives you 8 hours of class time where you will learn the foundations of a successful marriage, have group interactions, as well as discussions between the two of you on various relationship dynamics. Weekly homework counts for 2 hours of time. At the end of the class, each couple will meet privately with Barbara for 2 hours to go over the results of your PREPARE/ENRICH inventory and to focus exclusively on your relationship. Please schedule your private appointment anytime during the class

Private premarital offers several benefits. First off, you schedule the times we meet at a time that is convenient for your schedule. That’s great news for people who work nights, have changing schedules, are in school, or have travel involved in their jobs. We also hear from couples that are more introverted that private premarital is better for them since they feel uncomfortable in a larger group format. Couples will definitely get more one-on-one attention when choosing the private premarital format.

Ideally, it would be nice to begin premarital about one year out from your wedding date so that you can begin to apply the knowledge and skills you learned in your relationship before you tie the knot. Practice makes perfect, right?  Keep in mind that some churches we conduct premarital for have a requirement that couples must complete the class before the church will schedule a pastor to officiate their wedding.  We have had quite a few couples that pack it into the last 2-3 months before the wedding and some couples say that is stressful, however other couples feel they can relax because all the wedding planning is done. When planning, please allow six weeks to complete this class. And don’t forget, to get the discount on your marriage license, you will need the reduced fee certificate, which is provided at the end of the class.  Couples usually apply for their marriage license 2-4 weeks before the wedding.

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